Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Baby Boy ! And its not mine! Yay!

While Erin was in town we decided to throw Jenna (my youngest sister) a baby shower.
You have to have yummy food.
(And Erin and I like to get carried away, we get it from our mom, we have a must throw parties gene, its really close to the you can't never have enough ribbon gene)

Its so fun to see friends we haven't seen in a while
(lots not pictured sorry guys, I don't know what I was taking pictures of, but turns out I missed a bunch of you!)
Some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Neighbors, who are the only neighbors I'm really going to count as real neighbors, the rest are fake neighbors
(or worse on the Home Owners Associate Board - we hate them).

Young Women Leaders
(there's something to say about people who knew you when you were a beehive and still love you.)

The World's Best Dance Teacher
(Who still might end up with some tapping boys of mine. We're working on Bart.)

Jenna's cutie friends who somewhere along the line decided they were old enough to get married and have kids. Weird.

Very cute baby gifts
(So cute, so little. Almost tempting enough to have another baby. That stroller is that cute. It almost got me. Almost. But alas, the supplying of Grandchildren is Jenna and Erin's job for the next few years. I bow out at 4 kids under 5 years old - and come on we all know it would be
4 BOYS under 5 years old. Insanity.)

And the usuals, banners, balloons, flowers, cakes, favors & games...
We played The Baby's Price is Right and those who don't have little kids anymore thanked their lucky stars that their kids grew up in the 80's and 90's when there wasn't as much baby gear to buy that costs so much. And those with little kids remembered why we never have any extra money to buy that cute baby gear anyway.
And those who don't have kids yet, realized they still want money and won't be having kids for quite a while!
It was lots of fun to throw a party for my little nephew, and hopefully through all the laughing and fun, he realized already that I'm his favorite aunt.
(It doesn't hurt that I'm the only one who lives here...I don't play fair.)

We Love Jenna (although she's still so cute and tiny pregnant we might start hating her), and can't wait for my little baby nephew (who is going to look just like his cutie daddy, and he'll probably be born with a 5 o'clock shadow) Can't November come any sooner?
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Taralee said...

How fun!! It looks like quite the party :) Cute decor too!!! You guys definitely are a family of party throwers :)!!!

Shannon said...

How fun!! I've always wanted a sister. Lucky! :)

Angie Milne said...

congrats to your sister! she looks familiar... k but seriously, can i be invited to dinner? all of that looks so GOOD!

Jenna said...

i just have the best sisters!! i need to get these pictures from you ps.