Monday, September 28, 2009

Bike Riding is Serious Business

Our neighborhood is across from a park, on days it was cooler in the morning (like only 97 degrees instead of 109) we rode bikes around the neighborhood (admiring all the Gold Chained, shirtless old men who stand outside all day, who look like they should be extras on the TV show Sopranos, and they all live in the same cul de sac) and then across to the best place ever. The Sand Park. (which no longer has any sand in it.)

About 4 times a day we have this conversation.
Carter: Mommy, guess what?!?
Mom: What Carter?
Carter: Going to the SAND PARK!
(Each word has to go up one octave.)
Mom: No Carter, Go to bed (or eat your food, or go play, or Brush your teeth etc.)

So when we do "Go to the SAND PARK!" we don't mess around. Have to wear our sunglasses for optimal Big Wheel Pedaling Coolness. Water bottle in specified holder (didn't know Big Wheels had one did you? Its also a rock holder in case you're wondering)

(Have to mention, do you see Owen smiling? He's never smiled when I take a random picture like that. Ha! And love my double stroller. Bought it from a friend, who after seeing me with a single stroller and three boys, which was very scary, let me tell you, asked if I wanted it, when she could have probably gotten more for it on Craigslist. THANK YOU!)

But when you get to the SAND PARK! (has to be yelled everytime you say it), you have to park your bike correctly. (5 tries until he got it how he wanted it).
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The Prices said...

Kellie - your posts make me laugh out loud. SAND PARK! Your boys are cute!

Stu and Angie Milne said...

sounds like me.. "stu, is it time to go to OCEAN BLUE?!!" (frozen yogurt deliciousness that i am so obsessed with) he always says no and tries to placate me with something else. haha. ah your boys are so cute, i can't stand it!

Pike's Place said...

Actually, it's not technically a sand park anymore since they put that new ground cover on. :) But to my kids, Goett will always be the sand park as well. Such cute Yeates boys!