Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carter REALLY likes to be clean.

We've lost 4 bottles of soap to this little Mr. Clean. Two bottles of dish soap, and two bottles of hand soap. Maybe its to wash all the food out of his hair that he insists of rubbing in after each meal.

My favorite instance so far (as I'm pretty sure there will be more), was two Sunday's ago. Got boys dressed for church. Got myself dressed. Came back downstairs, just in time to load up and get to church - to find a picture similar to this.
He had dumped an entire bottle of hand soap all over his head, church clothes and the entire powder room bathroom floor.
Makes a great slip & slide in case anyone is wondering.
Strip Carter down, bathe, change his church clothes, change my clothes that are now covered in soapy water.
Needless to say, we were VERY late for church.

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Pike's Place said...

Carter and his antics! He certainly keeps you busy. What a cutie!

craftyashley said...

Perhaps his mischievous clean freak side will be a good thing when he's older!

The Prices said...

He looks so much like Bart it is crazy! But clean babies are the best!

Jessica Morgan said...

doesn't the soap hurt his eyes?