Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter's new BFF

Carter goes by monkey about 86% of the time. 2% of the time Daddy calls him Bear, 9% of the time he goes by Carter-man, and the remaining 3% of the time is a mixture of Carter, Stinker & Jackson-I mean-Owen-I mean- whoever you are. During a long, boring & tortureous shopping trip, Stinker (it was one of 3% nights) was having meltdowns in the cart. Hurrying we grabbed the last few things, one being glue and Carter grabbed the box. Gorilla Glue is Magic. Instantly the only word we heard for the next 20 minutes was
"Or-EEE-yah" (Which is crying toddler for Gorilla). So Bart starts trying to distract with the Or-EEE-yah. (Which a grown man gets lots of strange looks playing with glue & making Gorilla sounds in the middle of the grocery store). Have you ever tried to scan something a toddler is in love with? Not fun. So Bart tore off the flap of the box, and let Carter have his Or-EEE-ya. Well, come to find out in the process of getting weird looks, Bart named the Gorilla. Meet Jimmy the Gorilla. Fast forward almost 5 weeks, and we still have "Dimmy the Or-EEE=yah."

Sidenote: How does the destructo child who demolishes everything in his path, keep a cardboard tag immaculate? (That is his actual tag, not an image from the internet, I snuck it out of his room while he's taking a nap, if I don't get it back, he'll go all over the house looking for him...).
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Sherri said...

LOL! I love this story, what a cutie!! Peyton is the same way...he can take care of the most mundane of things, yet he's broken three of my dining room chairs and countless other things. Go Figure!

craftyashley said...

That is the only lovie I've ever seen that you can scrapbook when he grows out of it. :)

Julie said...

Kids are so funny! I love hearing about all your adventures with your boys. I also love how Bart reminds me of Carl and what a great dad he is to keep a little boy occupied with a glue box.