Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grey Matter

I am a GENIUS. Best idea I ever had. Grey hair middle of my part, front of my hair (yes, there are others, but this very front & center). So naturally I pull it out right?? Wrong.

Now it grew back and it sticks straight up. LOVERLY.

So what do I do now? Pull it again? Perpetuate the cycle? or Wait it out and have a weird thick hair sticking out of the top of my head?
(by the way, its getting dyed either way.)

Don't attempt this.
(I have grey hair so I'm now able to give sage advice right?)
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Taralee said...

HAHA!! Welcome to the club! This post cracks me up because I'm totally doing a gray hair post very soon. Over the weekend I was planning out my post idea :) and just thinking about having gray hair is quite irritating. It was quite a while ago that I found out I even had any (Shelise told me while cutting my hair) and I went and pulled them all out. I've done it one other time and on Saturday I just did it for a 3rd time. AHHH, I can't be getting grays!! And I'm talking several (on the sides) and the whole length of my hair.

Andrea and Blake said...

so I just happened to pull 3 of those from the middle part (back) of my head this weekend and hated that they were there in the first place, I'm 27! Anyway I'll be coloring my hair this week also... best of luck and I'm glad I'm not alone