Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guess who thinks they're older than they are!?!?

Carter keeps trying to potty train himself. He asks to go potty, and even wore underwear for part of a day. But his mom is not a masochist so potty training will be waiting for a while yet, like until he's 6.

Owen has decided he wants to be a big boy too. Too bad those little things called balance and coordination haven't caught up to him yet. We are going to be in trouble soon though. He's already scooting across the floor and rolling (now in full circles) to get where he wants to go. We now play "where's the baby" quite often, because he gets put down on the floor and then scoots under the table, behind the recliner, in between the entertainment center and the wall, and our favorite so far underneath the lion.
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Stu and Angie Milne said...

wow, totally different story with the potty training at my parents twin brothers HIDE their big boy undies, and throw diapers at my dad while screaming "we wear diapers!" consider yourself lucky :) k owen looks just like you! what a cutie!

Taralee said...

HAHA! I love the title of your post "guess who thinks their older than they are" and then the first picture is of him raising his hand :) Too funny!

Yea, I'm definitely NOT a pusher of potty training. I like it to happen on it's own. Sage shocked the heck out of me to potty train HERSELF when freshly 2 years old. NOT MY IDEA! But I'm happy about it, no doubt :)