Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Daddy is BUSTED.

So last night the boys are in bed, and I was cuddling Owen and Bart decided to take his life in his hands. He picks up Owen, and asks if it seems like to me Owen is a happier baby than Jackson & Carter were. Jackson cried quite a bit as a baby (from about 2-3pm in the afternoon, until 9-10pm at night, most days). Carter was pretty happy, and easy. Bart says "well Jackson & Carter each had times or days when they were inconsolable. Owen's never been inconsolable. " AHHHHH! Guess what we're doing today!?!?! Nothing. Because Owen has been so sad and crying for no reason! Curses!
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craftyashley said...

Oh no! Doesn't Bart know you NEVER say stuff like that? It's just asking for trouble! Hope he calms down! :)

Mom and Dad said...

I think he wanted his grandma . .

sheila piper said...

Your boys are the cuties and I wish everyone lived closer. I always had a baby that was cross in the afternoon, just about the time you were suppose to be fixing dinner.