Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Daxson's Big Day"

Must have the traditional school pictures
(at this point Jackson was already saying "Quit taking my pictures mom." Love that.)

I stood by more nervous than he was. Off he went, and couldn't have cared less if I had dropped him off on the curb and let him go in by himself. Or if I'd let him try and walk to school like he wanted (school is 15 minutes by car...)

Immediately off to explore...
Play house with Lily (friend from Sunbeams) - Check.
Story time - Check.
Song time - Check (Going on a bear hunt was the favorite)
Dress like construction guy - Check.
Computer time (drawing with the mouse, he made sure I knew the mouse looked like a pencil on
the screen) - Check.
Painting time (Including painting on his new clothes) - Check.
Playing outside with a parachute (which was AWESOME, I'm told) - check.

Carter was heartbroken that Jackson would leave him. These two are such buddies (and most of the time co-conspirators). When we started to leave Carter started to say over and over again. "Daxson no go. Daxson no leave." We ran a few errands, including grabbing milk from Sam's Club. Carter sits in the cart (which has places for two kids up front), and pats next to him and says over and over "Daxson sit here." We also had the same conversation every 10 minutes. "Time go get Daxson." No, Carter, not yet. Jackson is still at school. "No, time get Daxson."

Sometimes it's hard to be the little brother.
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Pike's Place said...

So cute! Glad he did so well.

The Prices said...

How cute and what a fun pre-school! So glad Jackson had a wonderful time! Love the backpack too!

Michelle said...

Claire and Carter can sympathize together. Claire has a hard time when Lydia leaves for preschool. She cries and yells "No!"