Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The day is finally here...

We now have a kid in school. Preschool, I realize is not full fledged school, but its a huge jump for us. Jackson has been bouncing (literally) off the walls for days, and last night when I asked if he was excited about preschool tomorrow he said "I just feel like I'm gonna esplode (explode)." We had a prep night of haircuts, baths, new clothes, blessings & snuggle times with mom who's having a hard time letting her little boy be big.

I'm also having a mourning period for my morning schedule. Preschool means we have to be up, fed, dressed & at school (15 minutes away at least) by 9:15. Those in our ward last year who witnessed 9 am sacrament meeting, might remember how this does not work well for us.
3 days a week... I'm scared.

Carter & Jackson partners in crime.
(Pictures before we left for preschool)

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The Prices said...

So very sweet!! (We have to be at school at 9 am and I have a 15 minute drive - kids slept in today, threw everything off - I dropped her off without a bra on - how horrible is that!) Good luck with your morning routine!