Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Miss you in a Tractor!

Our Daddy has been working very long hours. We went to visit him at work one day and bring him dinner. Carter told Daddy "I miss you Daddy. I miss you.... in... a... tractor." Because what isn't better when its in a tractor? I miss you is great, but I miss you in a tractor is so much more meaningful. Carter also "loves us in a tractor." Carter is a little lovey bug. He says over and over all day long, "I wanna kiss you." (occasionally followed by "I wanna lick you.") His new favorite saying is "Let's kiss together." Which means kiss me too. Then without fail after you kiss him he says "Whoa, that was a close one." No idea why.

He's also taken to dressing up as Daddy, whenever Daddy's at work. This day, he refused to take off Bart's shirt, and wore it for almost the whole day. We even graced Smith's with this wonderful ensemble.
(Minuse the dress shoes, Carter was heartbroken he couldn't wear Daddy's shoes to the store.)

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