Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little time with O-Face

We've reached the dreaded day. Owen is mobile. (his mom cries everyday). He no longer sits nicely, smiling and playing with toys, he crawls under the desk and turns off my computer, he finds every microscopic piece of rubble (rubble because its a result of something disastrous Carter has done I assure you) on the carpet, he crawls under my bed and gets stuck... (the list is just beginning I'm sure)

Post bath (Snug as a bug in a towel...anybody? anybody?)

Guess we're not giving up the thumb so easily. (By the way, he only sucks the right thumb. If you hold that hand, he'll cry rather than suck the left one. At least we'll only have to cut one thumb off when he gets older.) I can't count the number of people that stop me in stores or at parks and comment on the little thumb sucker. I'm starting to think I'm going to be the sucker in this situation, when it comes time to make him quit sucking that adorable little thumb.
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