Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mislead Fashion Sense?

Should I be scared or worried that our 4 year old fits in 6-12 month overalls?

What happens when Halloween costumes are found? Very SCARY outfits.
PS- Fishnet Stockings were never worn, we're not that scary in real life.
(They were in a box of unopened clearance costume pieces Jackson found when we got out the decorations...)

I'd cover my head too Jacks. Good thinking.
Disregard the mess in the background, this was the day the Halloween decorations exploded
(as Bart affectionately calls it).
My kids emptied 5 huge tupperward boxes of decorations/costumes everywhere
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Taralee said...

I wouldn't consider those overalls fitting him. LOL! They look quite uncomfortable and snug, ha :)