Friday, November 20, 2009

Candy + Preschoolers = Recipe for Disaster?

At Jackson's preschool, the little kids get to go trick or treating to the office staff and high school classrooms.
Giving huge bags of candy to preschoolers is the only way that you could make preschool any better in Jackson's eyes. He has a few kids from our ward in his class, and for the most part has stuck pretty close to them. When I ask him what he did, it usually involves his besties. I ask if he's made any new friends and he says "No, I don't need new friends. I play with Lily." Or Logan, or Haylee, or Eli ...

Just a few weeks ago Jackson finally made his first new friend. I admire kids' abilities to make new friends.
I wish I always made friends as easily.

But these brothers just tug at my heart. Holding hands. Loving each other, even in front of "new friends". Carter didn't get candy. Carter didn't dress up. The highlight of his day, was following his best friend. Carter calls Jackson "my guy". I hear at least once a day "Daxson dis my guy." It breaks Carter's heart everyday we drop Jackson off at preschool. For Jackson's Halloween party Carter got to stay. This made his day. His week. And now he's even more heartbroken. Yes, he still misses his guy everyday but wants to go to preschool even more because he thinks His guy goes to preschool and has a Halloween party everyday.
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