Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crashing Trunk or Treat

Having two trunk or treats is awesome! Grandma & Grandpa's ward have games, food & face painting.

And the newest cool trick Jackson discovered this year- We're blaming Twilight. (He might have heard his mom mention vampires. But I don't qualify as a "Twi-Hard" or own a "Bite me Edward" shirt or anything... and the whole team Jacob/team Edward deal? Ummm... team Jacob? Read book 3 & 4? How are you still team Jacob?) Anyway - vampires. Great. Jackson is now a vampire Spider.
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Becca said...

Heck, have you seen Taylor Lautner in New Moon?! What do the books have to do with being Team Jacob?! Haha... he's one gorgeous kid!

Tessa said...

CUTE! How the heck do you have 3 children already?? Ummmm I'm in the blogging world now. Do you want to be blogging friends? Mine's

Love you!