Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to Excel at being a boy. . .

Gilcrease Orchard Pumpkin Patch
Ward Playgroup - Oct 13th 2009

Find every rotten, gross and disgusting thing you can find, bring it to mom & make her take your picture.

Smother yourself in dirt. Lay in it. Revel in it. Extra points if you can do it while holding something rotten, gross or disgusting. Even more for scary bugs. Jackson, Jayce & Carter found a "fire bug". I don't know what a fire bug is, but they found a hole, said that the bug was in it. (Scary huh?) PS - bug was never found.

The innocent one . . . For now.
(Don't worry he's being taught very well)

Most of the playgroup... can you tell they had fun in the dirt?
When we got home Carter was one solid tan dirt color. Hair, skin, clothes, shoes, even eyelashes. Touching any of these kids blew clouds of dust. Guess that means playgroup was a success huh?
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Julie said...

Boys are the BEST! Just add dirt and they are happy.