Saturday, November 14, 2009

Owen has no choice

Jackson calls this the Owen ride. There is a catwalk from the master bedroom, to the rest of the upstairs in our house. Jackson put Owen on a blanket, and dragged (drug? drugged? that doesn't sound good) as fast as Jackson could run, up and down this catwalk. Owen loved it.

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Jackson decided that as the older brother it is his job to teach Owen to run. Not walk run. I had to explain that Owen can't run until he can walk, and it's going to be a while before he can run. Jackson has regular practice sessions with Owen trying to teach Owen to walk. It's working. We're scared.


Kristen said...

Those pictures of Owen on the blanket are hilarious. Now you just have to make sure they don't set up the Owen "slide" down the stairs :)

Sherri said...

Owen walking!! You're in trouble when that starts....although he's so adorable one more cute one running around is alright. I love that grin in those pictures!