Friday, November 13, 2009

The Real Spiderman

Although this was not the first costume idea Jackson came up with, it was the one that finally stuck. The first two he came up with were quite clever.

These are the lemurs from the Madagascar movies. The tall one with the crown is King Julian. Which I was informed would have been Jackson. The short squatty one is Maurice (this would have been Carter). Maurice is King Julian's adviser or lackey. And the small cute one is Mort (or Owen.) Mort is the adoring fan, the unwavering admirer. The best part for Jackson is that in the Madagascar movies (and the Penguins' TV show) is that Mort & Maurice are obsessed and devoted servants of King Julian.... Wishful thinking Jackson?

His second idea: Andy from Toy Story. Going along with Carter as Buzz Lightyear & Owen as Woody. But secretly I think the idea of owning Carter & Owen as toys was a fun one for Jackson.

But even though these were cute ideas Spiderman still came out the victor.

Then I found out why. Jackson thought if he had the costume, it came with the powers.
We had to discuss a few times that just because the suit came with "muscles" that it didn't make him super strong, and no spider webs would be shooting from his hands. It does have the power of attracting ridiculous amounts of candy, pumpkin flavored baked goods and hot chocolate.

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