Friday, December 4, 2009

Ever Have Leftover Dry Ice?

We make Homemade Root Beer every year for Halloween. One reason because its yummy. Another reason because it takes Dry Ice. Dry Ice is fun. I'm a bit of pyro. I think somewhere in there dry ice is a part of that pyro part of me. So when I buy the dry ice, I "accidentally" buy a little bit more (or a lot more) than I need. This is something I got from my dad when I was little. Take a glass, a tupperware or other container. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Enough water to cover the dry ice. The dry ice fog turns to bubbles. The kids get to play in the foggy bubbles.

Bubbles are awesome. Bubbles that pop into smoke are amazing!

(Obviously don't let the kids touch the dry ice, I use a tall container so
they can't reach in as easily...)

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