Thursday, December 31, 2009

Odd Family Pictures

So we didn't take any real family pictures at Thanksgiving. We ended up with random shots of everyone, but mostly thanks to my boys for the strange additions to each picture.

Carter & Jackson are so cooperative in pictures. We love having them pose for pictures lately. Carter is constantly making weird faces in pictures, and Jackson either has no expression, or looks like he is being tortured.
(pretty much the definition of picture taking with kids. The question is who exactly is being tortured.)

Like usual Owen is just happy as can be. Especially when it involves food. (Notice how 90% of the pictures of Owen involve him eating, what he ate, or the mess he made while eating.)

The Winder Sisters... (who will love that I posted these pictures)
Tanna, Sherrill and Mickie

We had Thanksgiving in Lindon, UT at a banquet hall with the Winder/Gledhill families. It was a fun day, made better with friends, family, yummy food, movies, games and lots of treats.
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