Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Pictures

It takes a lot of work to get this many people in one picture, (and amazingly all three monkeys are looking...)

Bart's brother Scott and his fiance Kylie were in Wyoming and meeting us in Salt Lake for the Savior of the World show at the Conference Center. (It was wonderful by the way)
We had a 15 minute window where we could get everyone at temple square before we had to drive the boys to Bart's cousin in Centerville, then rush back to the show. We found parking, and while running to make the show, I snapped the heel of one of my boots.
(That would have been a picture worth posting I'm sure...)
Some of our favorite compadres (see those Spanish skills there...)
The Gledhills
minus one German speaking missionary
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hollyhs said...

You look so pretty! And wow, to get all three boys looking at once... that's amazing! :)

hope you all are feeling better...

Julie said...

You all look great!

The Prices said...

So cute!!

Mitzi said...

Your hair is getting so long! You look great! I just wanted to write to tell you that Connor totally randomly, on the way home from his best friend's house here said "mom, I want to move back to my old house so I can play w/ Jackson!" It has been months since we talked about Jackson. But he still remembers him!