Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

Jackson spent the rest of the day pretty much out. Other than requests for cookies (he'd wake up, ask for a cookie, eat it, then go back to sleep), and giving him medicine, he didn't feel up to much. He whimpered in his sleep, and woke up all night from the pain. But after day 1 post-op he was dramatically better.

The only good part of this broken arm business was the 4+ hour nap we got out of the boy who never naps...

Day 2 - Post-op he begged to go to playgroup (so we chanced it, went and he had a great time). It was his Valentine Party, and he had already missed his preschool Party, so I felt bad. I'm a sucker. I can't say no to this little face, especially with the cast making the little gimp look even more pathetic. Those playgroup Valentine treats and those that were brought home for him from his preschool have helped make this sore little guy smile.

Jackson and I realized this week, what amazing friends we have. Jackson's friends brought him treats, letters/card with completely kid written wishes of healing, and even a new toy motorcycle to play with (genius choice, he drives it up and down his cast, and rarely goes anywhere without it). He got a Teddy Bear from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson (as well as letting him borrow the hot pink official cast elevating pillow) and is actively awaiting the care package that was mailed immediately from Washington with well wishes from Grandma & Grandpa Yeates.

I realize that I'm extremely blessed. I have a broken kid who will be fixed. He won't have major problems from this moment of stupidity. I have health insurance. That paid some (not much, his broken arm cost us more than Jackson's delivery) of the cost, and Dr.'s who knew and could fix what was wrong with my child.

I have friends that called, prayed for us, brought dinners, offered to take my kids, offered to come clean my bathroom if that would help, bailed me out and took care of the playgroup Valentine party I was supposed to plan (that I was going to put together on Monday/Tuesday, when I was all of a sudden dealing with surgery those days).

I have family who besides calling & praying, texted me continually to keep my mind occupied while Jacks was in surgery, who took Owen & Carter without question and kept them occupied for almost two days straight. Who cleaned up a Super Bowl party, when I couldn't do it.

We are blessed.
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Pike's Place said...

Poor kid! Seriously, surgery is a big deal, and I'm sorry we couldn't do more -- I'm sorry it ever happened! Jackson's a trooper, though. I'm glad he got through it!

sheila piper said...

Our love to Jackson. What a scary time for everyone, Mom and Dad too.