Friday, February 19, 2010

The Apple Boys

Carter is a rabid apple consumer. (He also gets no attention whatsoever, as evidenced by his demanding pictures of him while I was taking pictures of Owen.) We had boxes of apples in our garage brought down by Grandpa Carl (our favorite apple farmer), and Carter couldn't have been more thrilled. Multiple times a day he was in the garage, sneaking apples out of our boxes. We would catch him hiding eating apples as quickly as possible. We found half eaten apples in his bed, hidden in toy boxes and one even in his laundry hamper when washing his clothes.

Taking an apple away from Carter is a cardinal offense. He does not share. With one exception.

Sweet 'lil Owen is the only one who can sneak an apple away from Carter and get away with it. (I don't blame him though, I give this kid anything he wants too...)
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Julie said...

All 3 of your boys are getting skinnier and skinnier by the second. If there wasn't so much proof on your blog, I'd swear you never feed your kids. Maybe you just have them pose with food to pretend you feed them! :) Hope you had a fun birthday last week and everythings going well. miss you guys!