Friday, February 12, 2010

The Fix - Surgery & 2 metal pins

None of us were happy about this. Jackson was splinted up for the night and scheduled for surgery the next morning. He slept much better. I did not. He also didn't want pictures taken, or his stuffed animal (they told us to bring) named Skittles.

Surgery means two metal pins put through his elbow to hold the bone back in its original place, so that as it heals, he'll have the correct alignment. Oh, and did I mention this is a little bit like Frankenstein? The pins stick out the back of his arm. Yuck. Underneath his cast, but out his arm. They are going to take the pins out when they take the cast off (double yuck.)

Jackson did fantastic in surgery. They took him back in his huge hospital chair. He had cherry flavored anesthetic, and as soon as we were in the triage area decided to Skittles with him. When he gets scared he gets very quiet, and shrinks down into his chair, or into the background. The Dr.s' told us he did everything they asked him to do, but wouldn't talk or acknowledge them. (Illustrated in 4th picture, he spent most of the day like that.)

Jackson woke up very upset. The nurses told us the first thing he said was "Where is my mom?" We walked in just as they were sitting him up and he was opening his eyes. He was very disoriented and kept crying that he couldn't see. He was really upset he couldn't see. (He could see, he just couldn't focus on anything). It took us about 45 minutes to get him calmed down, get his pain under control, and make sure he wasn't nauseous from the anesthetic.

Even with the effects of the drugs, Jackson was still Jackson. He's always worried about everyone else. He would go from crying from pain, to absolutely lucid, telling the nurse he had to go home and take care of his two little brothers. Crying about not being able to see, to telling the nurse about his favorite game on daddy's iphone (which came in very handy this day) or his favorite activity at preschool. The nurse told us that most kids they have to hold down, they flail, try to hit or swing at people, and are very confused about where they are. Jackson woke up very easily (minus crying from pain), and adjusted fairly quickly to where he was and what was happening.

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Tessa said...

Ok. He is the cutest little surgery boy I have ever seen. ... Not that I've seen that many little surgery boys.... but he's cute.

Shannon said...

Poor little guy! I'm so glad the fix was as uncomplicated as possible.

Christa Jeanne said...

Poor Jackson! What a trooper!!!