Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nothing Changes. . .

Jackson (4), Hudson (3) , Carter(2), Sawyer (2) , Owen (1) & Will (3mo).
6 boy cousins in 4 years.

Growing up I remember every time I saw my cousins it was like I'd seen them yesterday (even though it had been months, sometimes years). I love them. They are parts of my favorite family memories. I didn't have any my exact age, but I had a group just older and a group just younger. I still love to see them (and their own families now).

I'm so grateful for my nephews. So grateful that my kids have cousins their ages. So grateful that my sisters are such good moms. So grateful that they come visit (and make the sacrifice of time, money & sanity to do so).
So grateful that every time they see each other its like no time has passed.
(I miss them.)
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