Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Owen 's Big Boy Bath

This was the first time I chanced it. I subjected my baby to a big boy bath with his brothers. We've avoided this because as most moms know, bath time can turn into a typhoon very quickly (love that they boys bathroom has doors on the tub, so at least the disaster is contained in there. In my tub, not so much.)

Owen has always liked bath time, but bath time with his brothers is now a big favorite.
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Anna said...

These are the most adorable photos! I would totally frame them.

Ryan said...

Seems like Owen is a camera lover. He's looking right at it the whole time, or maybe he just loves his mamma!

Sherri said...

The most adorable pictures ever!! I absolutely love the one of Owen by himself laughing. You should enter it in a baby contest. Too cute!!