Thursday, February 18, 2010

Primary 2010

Jackson has graduated (do you graduate in Primary?) from being a Sunbeam. He is now a big kid. The last week or so of Primary in 2009 the nursery kids who would soon be Sunbeams got to visit Primary. Jackson was beside himself that he was now one of the big kids, and that there were littler kids than him.

The first Sunday of the year, Owen & Carter were both sick, so we were home. Jackson got to go alone with Dad, sit on the stand, and take his backpack with a few small treats and activities to help him stay quiet. He later ratted out his dad, and told me that Dad let him play games on his iphone during Sacrament meeting instead of coloring or reading books. Busted. Bart. Busted.
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Tara Joy said...

Man, no wonder he was so good. I remember that Sunday. I was leading music and thought WOW that is amazing he is sitting so good up there. My children would be running laps around the microphone.