Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spaghettios are Evil

Who knew a $.70 can housed so much pure evil. . .

Jackson & Carter saw Spaghettios in the store and begged for them. I thought well I wouldn't chose to eat them, but if the boys want them, will eat them and they cost $.70, then whatever. Wrong.

This little chin stayed red for 3 days. Evil.
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Janae Walker said...

staying red for 3 makes me wonder what kind of stuff they put in there! but, i remember loving them when i was little :) man, his eyes look stunning in that last picture!

Becky Chatwin said...

Spaghettios do look evil! Thanks for the heads up, if my kids ever ask for those I will head the other way pretending not to hear. Luckily the only thing Emma ever asks for at the store is Campbell's Princess chicken soup....still haven't tried it :o)