Friday, February 12, 2010

"That's a lot of swelling, we've got a problem."

Here's the story. . .
Apparently the Super Bowl, family, food and little boys are a bad idea. I told the boys on the way home from church that we were having a Super Bowl Party. We had my parents, my sister & her family over to watch the game (or in my case the commercials), and eat football food. Pizza, wings, dippy stuff, chips, salsa & guacamole. Pretty standard. I told the boys their job was to put all the pillows back on the couch (their activity for the morning before church was to take them all off, and make a fort). So I started on food, the boys while cleaning started attacking each other like Sumo's. (You know, hold pillows run into each other stomach first...). Bart and I told them to quit it, someone was going to hurt. (Famous Last Words). One more run at each other, and Jackson bounced off the couch, fell on the floor and Carter landed on top of him. (This is what Grandma & Grandpa walked into...)
The Result
On the Left is his small arm (his right arm) On the right is his broken arm (his left arm) you can see the swelling protruding off the side.

(I'd look at his arm and think, its not that big, then I'd see the other arm, and realized how big it really was. His arm is 6 inches around, and with the swelling the hurt arm was 11 inches around. With his cast on his arm is 13.5 inches around).
Almost instantly there was a lot of swelling. Jackson wouldn't move it, let anyone touch him and cried for a half hour before we could get him calmed down. He refused (yelling, flailing refusing to be touched) to be taken to a Dr, or the hospital. So we got him settled, watched the game and he was mostly happy. My dad knows a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and called him. He got us an appointment for the next day. Just for the record... no one sleeps when kid has a broken arm.We went and saw "Grandpa's Friend" we couldn't tell him it was a Dr, or he wouldn't go.

When the Dr. saw the swelling in the waiting room, he looked at me, said "that's a lot of swelling. We've got a problem."

After x-rays, we found out that there were two small fractures and two part that had broken off the main bone. But the biggest problem was that his humerus bone had been moved backwards between 35-40 degrees. This meant that if it healed this way, he would be able to move his arm 35-40 degrees over extending backwards (ewww...) and not be able to bend it all the way forward (like curling up a barbell). Posted by Picasa

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Shannon said...

Yeowch! That does look bad. I can imagine what that night must have been like in your home. No fun for anyone!