Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow.... we're behind....

The Pitts
(not what we think of them, we think they're fantastic)

Hyrum, Jenna & my newest favorite nephew - He's hardcore cute. We got him two sock monkeys for Christmas. They were bigger than he was. (But not cuter...)

The Kings
Cameron, Sawyer (2 yrs old & not in the mood for pictures), Erin & Hudson (3 yrs old)

Traveled from the east, arrived Christmas Eve, brought presents of baby toys for Owen, clothes shopping fun for Kellie and went home with Tivo, blue ray player, bakers twine, yo gabba gabba cars & an immersion blender (among other things) Hudson called the other day and talked to me for a while telling me all about how he wants me to come see him in NYC, it made my week. I love these kids.

The Represented Johnson Men (Ryan & Grandpa/Dad/Stan)

(Missing Kevin - Paraguayan Christmas exceeded ours in fireworks,
but lacked in others, like Prime Rib... Sorry Elder Kevco)

Two of my very favorite people. So alike in so many ways, one of which is both being able to talk like Donald Duck...

(PS - project not neglect my blog is underway...)
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