Monday, March 22, 2010

Are we sure we understand what Rain is??

I probably should have my children checked. If not the children, maybe myself. I guess I took for granted that my children understood the concept of rain. Apparently I never explained it well enough. When the boys wanted to go play in the rain, I consented and told them to go put on rain clothes (meaning pretty much any clothes because my kids are in a constant state of stripping 90% of the time). Carter came out wearing . . .

Note: This one piece swimsuit wonder has never been worn in the act of actual swimming.

Jackson took a more season appropriate choice as it is February but I'm not sure February at 60 degrees really counts as February.

The next hour was spent running up and down this three foot hill in the back yard. (Jackson is wearing Spiderman water shoes... I'm just considering it a success that they both have shoes on).

And dancing on top of the picnic table in the rain. Although table dancing wasn's a life skill on my list of things to teach my children (guess they're over achievers), at least they had fun right.
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