Saturday, March 20, 2010

That'll teach him....

So this morning at 7:30, I'm barely conscious and Carter has already locked Jackson outside in the backyard. Now most days in Las Vegas this would be no cause for concern. February= eh. we're usually around 60 degrees on most days. Well today, much colder. Especially at 7:30am. Carter so proud of his newest trick, comes upstairs to tell me proudly what he has now done to Jackson (I was getting dressed. Wow, 7:30 and dressed. Fantastic). I run downstairs and let Jackson in the door. Which yes, it was cold. But he was only out there for a few minutes. He was beside himself. According to Jackson he had been out there forever and our Vegas backyard had turned to frozen tundra. (well he didn't say tundra, but he's only 4 so we'll forgive this time). Now part of me, yes I feel bad. I made Jackson hot chocolate. But part of me, laughs.

** Update. This was written the last week of February. In the last two weeks, all of us have been locked out of the house by Carter. He even locked himself in the house with the rest of our entire family in the garage. This trick is no longer that funny.

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