Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm in Trouble...

There are lots of things I should be blogging about birthdays, baby showers, a whole month of crazy kid antics 
(how its a month I don't know... I swear I blogged like 2 days ago right?  It always seems like two days ago.)  

But instead I'm going to let my friend Tara do it for me.  Click Here

At least I really like my daughter in law.  She tells me every Sunday that I have really cute shoes, she knows how to score points and obviously has good taste in boys and shoes at 4 years old! 
(She likes older boys, Jackson is now 5, as of yesterday.)

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The Covington Fam said...

Hi there! :)Don't make fun of my lousy little blog that I haven't updated in months! :)