Thursday, June 10, 2010

All a bunch of Nerds

The Easter Bunny left the kids a trail from their bedroom to their easter baskets. We had to lock the boys door to keep inquisitive, little, naughty hands from a repeat of last year. After a little taunting from Daddy under the door, the race was on. Luckily the smart bunny left a basket to put all the nerds in.

Even Owen was totally in on it. Although once he got two (one for each hand, which I'm pretty sure is baby rule #1) he was more into shaking them, and wouldn't contribute them to big boys' stash (I wouldn't either). Smart baby Schmowen. (That's the most normal nickname the kid has, he's already done for.)

(and yes, Easter was in April.  It is June. I'm ignoring that fact.)
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