Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Everyone takes a turn being eaten

       Owen the fearless baby, decided that he would improve his standing in the 
     herd of Yeates boys by courageously sticking his head in the dinosaurs mouth.  
And totally won even more points by living to tell the tale.  Well babble 
about the tale...  probably losing points for only knowing two words at 
the time.  No and This.  As in, "No, don't eat this." I'm sure that's what 
he was saying.
Not to be outdone by a baby, Jackson risked his head while Carter raised the 
standards by trying to annoy the Dino into eating his brother...

Good thing Dinosaurs and Toddlers never lived in the same era.  
There wouldn't have been as many chubby little fingers leaving sticky 
proof of their existence on every surface.  

I'm pretty sure a Dinosaur's favorite food is toddlers. 
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