Saturday, June 12, 2010

Foiled again...

Easter. Easy holiday right. Easter Bunny. Baskets. Got it right? Wrong. "The Easter Bunny" brought all kinds of goodies this year, thinking what fun things they would be for FAMILY ACTIVITIES.

1. Shovels. For helping in planting a family garden, flower pots or digging in the sand at Grandmas. Especially when they come from the dollar section at Target. Real Metal. Awesome. Real use? Sword fighting & eating. Thanks Owen. (That's right, not the bigger boys, who came up with sword fighting. The ONE YEAR OLD!) Too bad he's still trying to eat the shovels and now they're not shiny & new.

2. Kites. I'm sure the Easter Bunny was picturing a breezy afternoon picnic and kite flying adventure. Real use? 100 feet (times three) of string, tied from every surface in the house. It took me 45 minutes to undo a knot (since kids can't tie knots right?) that tied my elliptical machine, the satelite wires & a miriad of toys together in the playroom. Should have seen this one coming, the Easter bunny has brought kites the last three years with no luck. Usually though they just get broken before/or while attempting use. The kites never made it off the ground because after tripping and catching my legs everytime I entered a room, I took scissors to the situation...

3. Basketball hoop. Boys & Daddy game right? Soft balls, door hoop. Grand ole' time. Real use? Hey Carter! Hold this in front of your face... (anyone see where this one is going?)

Standard Easter basket rummaging. Run & attack seems to be the way to go. But after looking at these pictures I wonder. Does anyone else have children that strip or change their clothes in the middle of the night? Jackson is the stripper. (We're lucky he's got shorts on in these pictures). Carter is Mr. Presto Change-o. Almost every night he goes to be in pajams, wakes up in clothes. His clothes, Jackson's clothes, even once in Owen's clothes. We're astounded & amazed.

Can you see the resemblance? (And, yes, Bart is going to love that I posted this picture.)
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Julie said...

Your posts crack me up Kelly! We have had kids (who shall not be named) who have gone in early in the morning and switched around the stuff in the baskets so they got what THEY wanted instead of what the Easter Bunny wanted them to have. Duh, should have padlocked them and given them each a key! (and I think Bart looks just like Tanya in that last picture :))