Monday, June 21, 2010

McKee Ranch

Jackson & Jayce (like most things they do) only fed horses at the same time.  Never by themselves (although older, they were a tad nervous) and there is safety in numbers.  To me just seems like more little finger snacks for Mr. Horsey, (but I'm a nice mom and didn't tell them that...)

Owen was the most nervous, but when even the smallest donkey is still like 6 times your size, I don't blame him.  He wouldn't feed the animals, we gave him crackers to feed the goat, and instead we ended up feeding the Owen.   No touching either.  We're in the stand and stare phase of petting zoos.

Two other favorite attractions don't eat anything other than kiddo energy (my favorite kind of fuel source.)  Tire swing taken to a new level when it looks like a horse, but its not tied in a secure spot, so when the kid tips over, the horse continues to lean forward until it dumps them on the ground.  This farm is true to life, horses will buck you off if you annoy them,  real horses or the tire variety.  No wussy horse riders here.  And this lovely kid powered 'wheel of fortune'.  You win if you don't a) slide off the end and fall off, b) get run over by a child (most of the time Carter) trying to push it faster! faster! faster!  or c) throw up.   Luckily all my kids won that day.  (We're always winners around here, oh, wait.  That may be whiners.  Yeah, that's probably it.  Anyone have a cure for the 5 year old whining disease?)
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Pike's Place said...

Cute pics! We'll need to do that again. I have tons of carrots I need to use up -- that was fun.