Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet the "Vegas Farm"

Down the street from our community is a "Farm."  There are animals, a barn, dirt, cowboys and hay.  It does not however have anything growing.  We're really good at growing weeds in Vegas.  That's about it.  A friend of ours scheduled a few visits to the farm to pet the animals.  Carter dove right in.  This is a Clydesdale horse named Sir Richard (If you can't read the spray paint, that's how we decorate in Vegas.  Just tag it in spray paint...) I'm pretty sure Carter fed him at least 10 carrots but found out that if you stand next to Sir Richard without carrots he'll lick you until you give him another carrot.

This little piggy (or big piggy) saw carrots, but this little piggy got none when Carter moved on to feed the donkey who lives next door. Carter is such a tease.

This pony was a mama pony, very calm and docile with the kiddos, probably because she knows all too well, (as do I) what it feels like to be petted all day by two year olds.  It's like being pecked to death by a chicken.  I'm just glad I'm not bridled and forced to let toddlers "love" me all day.  (I get to escape during nap time...)

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