Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh the joy of Easter Egg Hunts

Owen caught on to the Easter Egg Hunt idea much quicker than Jackson or Carter did at his age, but he has two veteran hunting brothers to follow after. But the best part was about half way through when Daddy opened that pink little egg for him and he realized it had candy inside. That was the last egg Owen picked up. From then on he sat, ate gummy worms and chocolate, and left the hard egg hunting to the big boys (who brought him back more candy...) Smart kid. No work, all the rewards. Cute sure works for this boy.

Notice anything? No face shots of Carter. It's very hard to talk a two year old into looking at the camera when things like chocolate are on the line. Camera ranks right above toothbrushes to Carter (brushing this kid's teeth is not fun), and chocolate ranks right below breathing. A few days after Easter, Carter came downstairs from Grandpa's theater (where all the candy is) and yelled enthusiastically to Uncle Ryan "Ryan! I'm full! I'm full of CHOCOLATE!!!"

Jackson is an interesting creature. He has two motives during an egg hunt. Candy & confetti. He has conned Grandma into buying confetti eggs the last two years (although she might rethink that one after this year's egg hunt). You smash these eggs on someone's head, leaving confetti all over. Poor Owen was ambushed. Then Daddy. Grandma was almost knocked unconscious. Jackson is quick, silent and he hits hard! Takes egg hunts to a whole new level when you have to decide if bending down for that egg is worth the headache you might get from the 4 year old egg assassin.
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Tessa said...

When the HECK did you have THREE children, and when the HECK did they get so large???!!? Wow.

Taralee said...

CUTE! They all look so cute and look like they had so much fun.