Tuesday, June 22, 2010


BYU Museum of Paleontology Translation = Really cool small Dino Museum
Lots of dinosaurs, fossils and bones to touch & see.  Big enough to keep kids entertained, small
enough to still be entertained it by the end.
Translating Carter = 
 You want me to stand where?  Here?  Are you sure?  This thing has teeth, a head..  I better keep watching it.   Take it quick.  Yeah, mom's pictures aren't worth the anxiety. 
Jackson's Translation =   
How does this thing work?      The bigger I smile, the faster she'll be done taking pictures.    
Carter didn't do so hot with the head, end.  The tail seems safer to me. 

Bart & Owen Translation =  Too young & too smart to not cooperate in the picture taking.
Good job boys.

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Anna said...

I've thought about going there maybe 50 times. Now I'm convinced. We might head over after the 4th of July just for fun (too busy until then!)