Thursday, June 17, 2010

What did we all do before Craigslist?

Oh, yeah. Paid full price for everything. Dumb.

So Grandma hit the jackpot (not literally, we're still glad mom hasn't turned into the a little old lady sitting at a video poker machine) and found an amazing playhouse in great condition. And what's better than a grandma with a huge playhouse? A grandma that realizes that even more fun than playing in the playhouse, is putting the playhouse together! Boy heaven, they got to build their own house.

Carter & Owen were charged with cleaning the kitchen (Carter is the cook in our house, and I almost bought this exact kitchen from Sam's club at Christmas for Carter, and the people that had it gave it to us for Free!) Many paper towels, cleaners, rags & a hose lately (with help from Great Grandma Johnson & myself) it was finally clean. All to be taken into the house and covered in sand.

After Daddy, Grandpa & Uncle Hyrum put it together (with lots of very good help from the boys) the men cleared out (actually all fell asleep on the couch or recliners) and let the little men get started on the interior.

Grandma took the boys shopping where they got food, dishes & utensils for their kitchen, as well as a broom and even fake flowers to plant in the flower boxes (which hasn't happened yet, they just get buried and dug up in the dirt over and over). This was a big surprise for our NY cousins (Hudson & Sawyer), so they worked really hard on making their little house a home. 10 minutes later it was covered in dirt.

In this family, Jackson is the Dad (big surprise), Carter is the son & the cook and Owen doesn't do anything the boys tell him to do and opens and shuts the door over and over again. A little dysfunctional but it works.
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craftyashley said...

That house is AMAZING! What a great find!

sheila piper said...

This looks like a dandy house. Everyone needs a lovely home and the boys have one

Julie said...

YEAH!!! You ARE alive! I was beginning to wonder. We need to hang out again. We miss you!!! And once again, your kids are freikin ADORABLE!!!!!

The Covington Fam said...

Awesome find!! :)