Sunday, November 14, 2010

We're so good at this 3 boys in a picture thing.  Only shot taken.  Guess who's nap was missed by carving pumpkins?

All the pumpkins - can you find the little hiders who were told to get out of the picture?

What we lack in creative faces, we sure made up for in fun.  The boys designed days in advance their pumpkins, Jackson wanted a happy pumpkin with half square half triangle teeth.  Carter wanted a scary pumpkin with all triangles (large and small all triangles).   Since Owen ran around the whole time, and only wanted to lift the pumpkin over and over, and we were tired of carving triangles, he got the round pumpkin face.   The white one was drawn and designed without help by Jackson, carved painstakingly along very particular lines by a very patient Dad.  Sure was fun, and the best part this year, we discovered the joy of carving pumpkins outside.  Pumpkin goo cleans up amazingly easy with a hose!

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